Three factors take part basically in the process of industrial drying and tiles: the characteristics of the clay, the form or structure of the piece to be dried, and the desired production capacity. It is for this reason that the chosen drying system must be thoroughly studied to provide the ideal solution in each case, complying with each of the requirements formulated. ASICER has an extensive range of types of dryers to provide a suitable response to each need presented. Our range of dryers includes:

Static chamber dryers with loading of materials on fixed or movable racks, or in manufactured packages of wer bricks. Models RSD and PSD.
Semi-continuous type dryers with loading of material on racks or on platforms, both movable. Model SMD.
Continuous tunnel-type dryers with loading of wet pieces on tunnel kiln wagons. Model CTD.
Rapid or accelerated type dryers for drying cycles between 2 and 6 hours. Model PRD.

Control od drying cycles is carried out by programmed regulation of humidity and temperature curves throughout the entire process.

Our systems of air recirculation inside the dryers a include solutions with periodic-movement mobile fans, or with static fan systems with alternation or inversion of recirculation way.