For many years, ASICER has been developing and executing complete turn-key plants for the ceramics industry, within the bricks and tiles area, as well as to modernizing and restructuring existing installations. Our company was a pioneer in the development of modern technologies wich are today extensively applied for dryig and firing. The same for mechanization and automation of the entire manufacturing process. Our accumulated broad experience and the targets already achieved strongly confirm ASICER as a market leader in the execution of modern installations for the manufacturing of any type of ceramic material for construction purposes. We have highly specific and well-proven solutions for each type of piece and production requirements in the any number of units or weight you wish to produce.

Our technical department offers you the following services:

Studies and analysis of clays
Turn-key complete plant projects
Modernization studies of existing plants
Computerization and automation of any manufacturing process
Ceramics technical assistance and service

ASICER's extensive range of manufacturing programs range from state-of-the-art automation mechanisms of the manufacturing process, dryers of various types, and kilns models with the latest innovations for cermic materials firing.

We confidently encourage you to tell us your requirements, bearing in mind that we will offer you a flexible range of solutions, the ones which are appropiate and profitable in each case and specific conditions set.


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