In a modern installation for the production of bricks and tiles, automated mechanization of the process constitutes its very nerve centre. The performance of a factory and the finish quality of the obtained materials are directly related to the degree of automation and the quality of the mechanisms of which it is composed.

Our firm has a complete range of mechanisms and solutions for the automation of each phase of the process for any type of pieces and production volume.

Our mechanisms combine simplicity of design with great robustness, essential for the type or work they have to carry out. Control and manoeuvring is implemented in all cases by means of programmable logic automata.

Our manufacturing programme includes:

Single cutters for bars and pieces.
Multiple cutters for solid and perforated pieces.
Multiple cutters for hollow blocks.
Cutters for curved tile.
Stamping machines for tiles and facing pieces.
Automatic loaders and unloaders for fixed and movable racks for dryers.
Setting machines for wet pieces.
Setting machines for dry pieces on edge, flat and tie courses.
Special setting machines for roofing tiles.
Dehacking and unloading machines.
Machines for packaging and palleting with metal or plastic strapping, trussing or sheathing in shrink-wrapped plastic.