ASICER model BTK tunnel kilns bring together experience accumulated over years in th field of firing of ceramic materials and the most recent innovations offered by modern technology. In summary form, their notable characteristics are:

Suspended type SSR flat refractory roof which is highly robust and safe, with no need for additional cooling circuits.
Integral kiln calculated to provide the most profitable thermal performance.
Total control over firing curves in function of the various degrees of kiln charge and changes of types of piece, owing to the special design of the kiln's dynamic circuits.
Automatic kiln control and regulation system by means of high-resolution computers with software designed for each type of piece and clay.
The above advantatges result in considerable saving of energy, which means minimum consumption of fuel.
Control of the kiln's atmosphere in order to work in oxidation or reduction. Possibility of carrying out Flashing.
ASICER burners for liquid, solid or gaseous fuels.
Kiln-construction with conventional, semi-prefabricated or modular system.

Kiln way outinside Kiln

kiln superior view